Karen Crosby Art Platform



Partner: Turner Contemporary

Exhibition dates: 10 October – 18 November 2012

UCA Graduate 2012


Traces, Snodland Paper Mill 2012


Single screen projection

HD video

black and white

9 mins 10 secs


Karen Crosby’s work explores the ghostly atmosphere of abandoned old buildings at Snodland Paper Mill, the entropic process of decay, disappearance and the encroachment of nature.  Photographing the essence of the place, looking underneath the surface to see what is left; lingering traces of the past, a magic charge that may exist for only a moment. It is a place of personal memories and emotional ties, as both her grandfathers worked there. She aims is to capture the fleeting moment, measuring the passing of time by combining the experience of place, absence and presence, to reveal a place of memories. She illuminates how all things eventually decay, to develop a visualization of traces from the past made visible in the present.